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7 Top Ways To Ensure Your Relationship Continues To Thrive During Lockdown

We are currently in another national lockdown, just as we believed that 2021 will bring a positive change in the way we live our lives. Once again, couples are told to stay home and not go out, which means being in the same house can be very testing on the relationship.

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For those who are getting irritated with being in the same vicinity, remember that you both love each other. Still, your nature may require you both to have some space from each other. I would suggest that you start by being honest with each other and explain that you would like the opportunity for both of you to work in separate rooms. You could meet for lunch in the kitchen/dining room or balcony. This would both give you something to look forward to and be yourself in the space where you’re working.


If you need to spend time alone in any part of the house, be honest and let your partner know, so they don’t feel like you are avoiding them. Becoming mindful and aware of your partners’ feelings during this period is essential, especially with the pandemic’s anxiety.


Feel confident to ask for boundaries, especially if you are in a small house. So if you both need to work in the living room, for instance, create a timetable of when you can use the living room so that you feel free to work efficiently and in your own style. For example, Susan might like to listen to music while working, shutting the world out. Because this is her working style, it is her way of setting boundaries while working. It should not be taken personally as a distancing mechanism.

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Give space/privacy to your partner to have conversations with their friends or family, so they don’t feel suffocated or stifled. This will reduce the need to feel irritated or think that they have no one except you to speak to.

“If you need to spend time alone in any part of the house, be honest and let your partner know”


Use this opportunity to rediscover fun things to do together in the house after work. This gets you laughing, playing and acting childlike. Take advantage of going to the park together and using the swings, slides if possible.


Having intimate conversations about things that have happened in the past, that made you feel loved or not so loved will make you feel closer and remind you why you are in a relationship.


Finally, learn to be more patient and tolerant than usual. You are both learning how to be in the same house for more extended periods. It will take time to adjust.

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