One Man, One Boat, One Mission

Dave Bell, more fondly known as ‘Dinger’ by those who know him well, is embarking on a journey. This is not your average journey…


He is attempting to row ‘the wrong way’ across the North Atlantic from New York, USA to Falmouth in the UK.

The 3118 miles that he is rowing are also completely unsupported. Many who have attempted challenges similar usually row in teams of up to four people, but Dinger is completely alone. That means while he rests or sleeps, he drifts. He is entirely responsible for getting himself across the North Atlantic.


The North Atlantic is a very different crossing than the more usual Mid Atlantic route made famous by the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Fewer than 60 people have ever rowed across the North Atlantic.


Taking place in June 2021 (possibly earlier) – this is one event you do not want to miss. This incredible personal challenge is being largely self-funded by Dave and he is raising money for some important charities.



Rock2Recovery is a charity that promotes looking after veteran’s mental health, seeking out distressed veterans proactively. It provide services such as one to one coaching, events and workshops, a helpline and peer support. The charity was founded by Jamie Sanderson and Jason Fox (Foxy) from SAS Who Dares Wins.


The Royal Foundation is a charity set up by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Their programmes revolve around main themes of work conservation, early years, mental health and emergency responders.


Dinger is also supporting the Special Boat Service Association, a charity that provides an extended welfare system to its members. It’s aim as a charity is to relieve members or their dependents who are in need, through sickness, injury and financial hardship.

The boat itself, called ‘Billy No Mates’ is going to be Dinger’s home for the four months that he has predicted he will be out in the water.


Solar panels on top of the boat charge Lithium batteries which then power the water maker, navigation and communications. This allows contact with his weather plotter ‘Siler’ (Foxy’s dad from SAS: Who Dares Wins).

The lockable cabin will be where Dinger will sleep, eat and vlog his journey. The boat features stickers from the companies that have donated towards the charities and helped make the boat sea-worthy. Special thanks to Richard and Frankie who have helped to ensure the boats modifications are done in time and efficiently ready for the launch in June 2021.

There are plenty ways to get involved, by visiting his website:




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