Naughty Water

Low in Calories loaded with Naughty Developed by Love Island’s Charlie Brake and Simon Horth.

Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone knows that overindulging is part of the package. If only there was a lighter way to celebrate and feel festive.

Introducing Naughty Water, the boozy seltzer. Low in calories and loaded with naughty.

Available in blood orange, cranberry and mango and passionfruit, you can choose how you decide to get naughty.

Set up by Love Island’s Charlie Blake and Simon Horth, founder of Green Stem CBD, Naughty Water is not just what it looks like on the tin. The two friends and entrepreneurs decided to bring their shared passion for clean living and a dash of healthy hedonism into the UK drinks market.

With seven times distilled vodka, for that naughty clean buzz and recycled aluminium, this sparkling water alcoholic drink is the perfect conversation starter.

If you’ve given into temptation this lockdown, but still want to enjoy the festive period and New Year, fear not. Look and feel naughty with each can at only 72 calories. They are carb and fructose free, with added vitamin C to help boost your immune system this Winter.

Bring the taste of summer to your Christmas and New Year celebrations. Suitable for vegans, this drink will spritz up your life.

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