Digital Dancing

Businesses have had to change the way they market themselves – especially during lockdown when people no longer pick newspapers or magazines, do leaflet drops to get their company noticed. Amy Jessica ‘Digital Dancer gives us some tips in the new digital world.

• Combining sales and marketing strategies and understanding the journey you are taking your customer on is important to gain results for them and for your business. Always remember how you make your customers feel as they go on that journey, as human beings we tend to buy based on emotion first and logic after.

• Are you making your journey a feel good experience? Are you providing solutions along the way to all of the pain points your customers/clients face? Starting with something of free value helps to warm up your audience and allows them to trust you e.g free download, free tools to do the job in hand; like templates, free resources, free call to ask questions or a webinar.

• Videos create awareness – don’t be the best kept secret, treat your social media like a TV channel and fill it with content your audience will gain value from and want to watch more of, the more your audience see of you the more they hear your voice the more they will know like and trust you. Remember people ultimately buy from people, share your message through the power of video and let others see for themselves what you can provide of value to them and make them aware of the products and services you provide; even if it doesn’t help them right now it might do in the future or they may know of someone.

• Offering access into a Facebook group, builds a community of like minded people and allows you to have multiple conversations at once, live video is perfect for this and the benefit to a group as opposed to a page is that your audience are made aware you have gone live and receive a notification when you are in a group. Also remember the benefit of live video is facebook like you to stay within their platform and will push your content out to more people as opposed to a youtube link or pre recorded video.Also, the benefit of video is that you can break this content down and repurpose it for other parts of your marketing. You could use 1min snippets and use on your instagram feed, or use the whole video to create an IGTV series, you could put snippets on your facebook and insta story and add to highlights on your instagram profile. You could also use it to get translated into a free downloadable booklet and use as a lead magnet or put into a podcast. The benefit of live video and repurposing content is super powerful within your marketing strategy.

• As you can imagine the demand for people and businesses to get online and understand how to use online platforms during the pandemic has gone up so much! Those that don’t want to deal with tech are reaching out for someone to do it for them and also those who just want to focus on the aspects of the job they love. However there are also many who wanted to take the time to understand how to use and utilise their online marketing platforms to generate income through these uncertain times.

• When it comes to marketing online there are many platforms you can be utilising and remembering the journey doesn’t end with online, makes a big difference! Utilise online marketing but understand having a human element within this mix makes a huge difference! We have found that during lockdown reaching out to other groups to network with as well as utilising paid advertising on facebook and instagram, live video, sales funnels, email marketing and adding in follow up calls has been super powerful! Combining paid marketing with organic marketing through the use of an understanding of the journey you wish to take your clients on will be a game changer! For example combining a paid ad on Facebook generating a lead for as little as 40p, followed up by a phone call offering your expertise and knowledge to help the person on the other end of the phone with any questions or queries they may have within your industry, could be the call that generates the best month your business has ever had and the benefit of facebook ads is you can turn them on and off whenever you please!

• Sales funnels are great for providing your customer with a straightforward service. In comparison with a website where someone can have a look around, a sales funnel will show the exact offer/service/item one step at a time along the customer journey. It means you are showing them exactly what they want to see and a simple straight forward way to purchase easily and quickly without having to figure it out for themselves or navigate anywhere themselves. Being able to give someone a link and say click on that, it shows them what they need and then they can enter their details there and then safely and securely without needing to exchange details with you or invoicing, is a great tool to have and one many businesses have been utilising.

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