WHEN COERCIVE CONTROL NEVER ENDS: POST-SEPARATION ABUSE Domestic abuse doesn’t always stop when the victim and abuser split up. Post-separation abuse is experienced by far too many separated partners, both men and women. That’s why the inclusion of post-separation abuse in the new Domestic Abuse Bill is so important, says family lawyer Rita Gupta. Post-separation abuse is about power through …

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Cryptocurrency has been trending worldwide. It can be hard to understand the articles without a base knowledge. We have compiled an article that highlights the most important key features of cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? It is digital money where no physical coins or notes are involved. The digital currency can be exchanged online for goods and services. Cryptocurrencies aren’t tied …

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Upscale modern mansion with pool
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Top 3 Most Expensive Places To Live In The UK

Home Sweet Home Home is where the heart is. That has definitely been true this year, with all of us working from home. We all want to know what it would be like to experience the luxurious life. Sipping champagne, lounging by the pool and not being worried about money. TOP 3 MOST EXPENSIVE PLACES TO LIVE IN THE UK  …

Mere restaurant
Mere Duval-Leroy Champagne
Mere Bar and Restaurant

Champagne at Mere

Champagne at Mere A member of Stay Connected magazine had the privilege to be invited to a Champagne tasting experience by Duval-Leroy at Monica Galletti’s restaurant ‘Mere’ in the heart of london. Located on Charlotte Street, London, Mere is a bar and restaurant owned by husband and wife, Monica and David Galetti. The 6 course Champagne tasting course started …

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The wider benefits of financial advice

Financial Planner | Lester Brunt Wealth Management Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management Dickens House, 15 West Borough, Wimborne Minster, Dorset, BH21 1LT t: 01202 695801 m: 07967 000275 New research shows that sound financial advice boosts confidence and emotional wellbeing Financial advice is more important than ever. Not only have changes in pensions and …

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The Grove

Grapes of The Grove

Situated in beautiful countryside with incredible views of the Preseli Hills, The Grove is a luxury hotel in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Although we are in times of lockdown and uncertainty at the moment, it never hurts to plan ahead with holidays. Visit the Grove to experience Wales with the addition of the warmest Welsh welcome. Relax, sit back and enjoy the …

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Separating responsibilities for separated parents during lockdown

Rita Gupta is offering Stay Connected readers a 1-hour initial online consultation, including 30 minutes free, to discuss your situation. (For qualifying clients, T&Cs apply). With the kids at home during lockdown, how can you effectively juggle home schooling, working from home, food shopping, and quality family time too? Family lawyer Rita Gupta discusses how to achieve effective co-parenting in …

Le Ciel Santorini
Pyrgos Restaurant
Santo Winery


Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. The island was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history which occurred about 3,600 years ago. The eruption left a large caldera surrounded by volcanic ash deposits hundreds of metres deep – forever shaping its rugged landscape. The whitewashed houses of its two main towns, …

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Toby Gutteridge – Bravery Dinger, who will be rowing the North Atlantic, is an avid supporter of Bravery. In the last edition of Stay Connected Digital magazine, we met Dave ‘Dinger’ Bell, who is rowing the North Atlantic on his own, partially to raise money for three brilliant UK charities, partially to push himself to the limits. If you follow …