WHEN COERCIVE CONTROL NEVER ENDS: POST-SEPARATION ABUSE Domestic abuse doesn’t always stop when the victim and abuser split up. Post-separation abuse is experienced by far too many separated partners, both men and women. That’s why the inclusion of post-separation abuse in the new Domestic Abuse Bill is so important, says family lawyer Rita Gupta. Post-separation abuse is about power through …

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Cryptocurrency has been trending worldwide. It can be hard to understand the articles without a base knowledge. We have compiled an article that highlights the most important key features of cryptocurrency. What is cryptocurrency? It is digital money where no physical coins or notes are involved. The digital currency can be exchanged online for goods and services. Cryptocurrencies aren’t tied …

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Upscale modern mansion with pool
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Top 3 Most Expensive Places To Live In The UK

Home Sweet Home Home is where the heart is. That has definitely been true this year, with all of us working from home. We all want to know what it would be like to experience the luxurious life. Sipping champagne, lounging by the pool and not being worried about money. TOP 3 MOST EXPENSIVE PLACES TO LIVE IN THE UK  …

Mere restaurant
Mere Duval-Leroy Champagne
Mere Bar and Restaurant

Champagne at Mere

Champagne at Mere A member of Stay Connected magazine had the privilege to be invited to a Champagne tasting experience by Duval-Leroy at Monica Galletti’s restaurant ‘Mere’ in the heart of london. Located on Charlotte Street, London, Mere is a bar and restaurant owned by husband and wife, Monica and David Galetti. The 6 course Champagne tasting course started …