Mind Theft

We had the privilege of a zoom call with Paul Newton, a magician, mind reader, hypnotist, public speaker and self-proclaimed mischief maker. He spoke to us about  his work with banks and large corporations. It is his job to expose their security weaknesses. Paul specialises in stealing personal information. Pin numbers, passwords, usernames, mother’s maiden names and first pets’ names …

Party time NYE 2021 in lockdown

Where’s your party at this Christmas and New Year? COVID has made it a little harder to socialise with friends so here are a few suggestions we found which look fab! Strictly Come Murder Switch things up a little and treat yourselves to a unique night in with an immersive experience. This online murder mystery will have you interrogate suspects …

Digital Dancing

Businesses have had to change the way they market themselves – especially during lockdown when people no longer pick newspapers or magazines, do leaflet drops to get their company noticed. Amy Jessica ‘Digital Dancer gives us some tips in the new digital world. • Combining sales and marketing strategies and understanding the journey you are taking your customer on is …

Naughty Water

Low in Calories loaded with Naughty Developed by Love Island’s Charlie Brake and Simon Horth. Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone knows that overindulging is part of the package. If only there was a lighter way to celebrate and feel festive. Introducing Naughty Water, the boozy seltzer. Low in calories and loaded with naughty. Available in blood orange, …

Sustainably sorted

Top #3 Ecostaycations The change in weather has got many dreaming of their next holiday, but with thanks to Covid many plans have fallen through. The pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, not just the way in which we holiday, but including the way in which we think about the environment. The logical solution? Staycations have really taken …

All You Need Is Less

Every minute, the equivalent of one full rubbish truck of plastic waste is dumped in the sea. That is 1440 trucks per 24 hours and in total 8 billion kilos per year. With 80% of those plastics coming directly from land. THIS ALARMING STATISTIC can be reduced by clever inventions and spreading the word… BUBBLES TO CLEAN OCEAN Plastic waste …


One Man, One Boat, One Mission

Dave Bell, more fondly known as ‘Dinger’ by those who know him well, is embarking on a journey. This is not your average journey…   He is attempting to row ‘the wrong way’ across the North Atlantic from New York, USA to Falmouth in the UK. The 3118 miles that he is rowing are also completely unsupported. Many who have …


Be Kind Beauty

Be-kind Beauty For all you makeup wearers out there, listen up! There is now a way to be a beauty queen as well as being conscious of our delicate environment. Introducing the Maybelline and TerraCycle makeup recycling scheme, in which you can recycle any brand of used-up makeup at the designated participating stores. Participation is free and easy, with the …

Stay Connected - Issue 4

Stay Connected Digital Magazine – Issue 4 – Christmas 2020

Stay Connected Digital Magazine issue 4 with 12 million reach in the Uk. We speak to Love Island’s Charlie Brake about his Naughty Water new drink product, Dave ‘Dinger’ Bell shows us round his boat ready for his New York to UK solo row across the North Atlantic – #NY2UKSOLOROW raising money for Foxy’s (SAS who dares wins) charity Rock to Recovery, SASA and Royal Foundation. QR codes for podcast recommendations, up-and-coming music bands, Marketing advice on LinkedIn, Facebook and social media and much more.

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Health Before Beauty

Putting health before beauty Aesthetics Practitioner and Pharmacist Shikha Rishi gives us an insight into how her life has changed since the coronavirus pandemic. I’m Shikha Rishi, an aesthetics practitioner and pharmacist working in the Bournemouth and Poole area. My journey into aesthetics began in 2015, when I had been working in community pharmacy for a long time and was …